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You shouldn't bark at people who creatively criticize your work...
As everyone else had said, try to use more frames per animation, the story wasn't much of a story, and a loading bar wouldn't hurt.
Furthermore, the dialog wasn't that clear as to where it was coming from and there were overall gaps in both your animation and dialog which broke the pacing of the movie
Do not let this discourage you however. Just the fact that you actually took the time I take it means that you want to do this, so as a Tip for an upcoming animation: Make a bunch of simple motions or something as a compilation kind of deal and ask people to review your animation itself. Could help.
And don't bark at people.


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Wriggle responds:

Thank you. I will take these suggestions and try to improve.


Although I have never played God of War 2, this was freaking hilarious!

Great Job
I hope to see more of this in the future


It feels so much like a Knox claymation...
The picture was always real blurry, so you might wanna do something about that or get a better camera.
Other than that I think you have potential.

Keep practicing

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Great Work

This is by far the single most entertaining Mahjong game I have ever played.
The graphics were colorful, sharp and friendly. The animations were smooth and well done. And a big one, the music never got me annoyed, neither did the sound effects.
Great job guys, keep up the good work.


I havent seen these in a while

An Oddworld remake-ish type game.
You have a whole lot to impove.
The controls were really fidgety and there should be atleast some form of instructions. Heres an idea: why not make a number of ingame screens that teach you how to move about and what to do.

For the graphics department, it was pretty good, but you have to clear some things up first. Do NOT make another Doom 3. Waaay too dark in some places. (Also, the text was off at those aquarium looking things)
An intro with just lets say "snapshots" would be great to tell the story beforehand.

Sounds wise, you still need better and more sounds. Some form of ambient or light DNB track would really give the game a good atmosphere and make the game more enjoyable.

Are you going to add other creatures that you have to help?


Kreid responds:

since you asked about the creatures i might as well tell people the story.
Im only gunna say it once though...
You play as a slave who works in a factory, your character (Saber) notices that more and more of his fellow workers are disappearing, poor guy, so, instead of being a good little person and getting taken away, he decides to run away, after this level he doesn't die like the ending movie shows, instead he gets caught by a glider, a terodactyl like monster, anyway he is unconsious and he ends up in a tunneller cave, (as seen in the 'tunneller storage' room. Here he finds out that the slaves who was disappearing was being fused with tunnellers DNA/bodies IDK, to create the Kreid, (A.K.A. the guard he had to run away from) anyhoo after getting out of the cave he goes back to the factory (workers hell) with a new army of tunnellers and destroys the place, therefore freeing the tunnellers and his own race (still to be named). End of he basics lol.


I love the concept, and the controls were perfect.
I didnt really like the music and I think you wouldve been better off using more of a flamenco genre.
You seriously need a menu with instructions also.

Other than that its awesome! Keep up the good work.

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So Trevor

When you make? I like. But not that much.

Trevnor responds:

I made it about 2 weeks ago...


Personally, I think this is your best song so far!
Just love it!

If i do make a game, ill be sure to use it :)

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